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Let Us Be Your Company's
Subject Matter Expert

It's not about money at Found Communications, its about the customer experience and truly partnering with YOU!!!

What Our Vendors Say About Us
​​Howard’s been developing business across the country and is currently based in LA. Really impressive knowledge about connectivity and fiber assets – so no doubt why we hit it off! It’s no surprise considering he was employee #1 for Comcast Business inSouthern California .  I was forwarded a post of Howard’s on LinkedIn for one of his clients to see if we could lend a hand and after speaking, I think there’s a lot of business we could be doing together.. I think you’ll find Howard’s all about working hard and putting the customer first – he’s build his business around trust and advocating for his end client. -Erik M.
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Founded in 2011 by industry innovator Howard Eigenberg, Found Communications works with business clients to address all of their telecommunications needs. Our expertise is in our keen grasp on the continuously-evolving telecom industry, and our ability to spot new services which can benefit our clients. This expertise enables us to recommend and implement solutions that meet our clients’ needs while saving both time and money. Currently, Found Communications is an award winning innovator on the technology and implementation VoIP technologies, which have saved countless dollars for businesses across the world.

While virtually all businesses require phone service, many companies unfortunately do not have the luxury of an IT staff. Consequently, phone, internet, and other communication services are often chosen unwisely, or neglected until they become technologically obsolete. Found  Communications can help your business not only create the ideal communications system in regards to both costs and size, but Found will also make sure that your company stays technologically relevant, operating at the quickest and most efficient level possible.

Found Communications operates under the idea that every business is unique with different functions and necessities. Found can help build a communications system specific to your business—maximizing potential while eliminating unnecessary costs.

Our Guiding Principle
Found Communications foundation is built upon providing both excellent and readily-available customer service. Found Communications, is passionate about your business. Found truly is your “partner” for all your Internet of Things, Cloud, VOIP and Business Internet needs. We are provider agnostic, we work for you and not the fiber, cable or any providers. Our salespeople don’t have quotes. Found Communications is with you and your business today, tomorrow and we want to grow with you.

A business relationship with Found not only entails quality customer service, but it ensures that your company will stay at the forefront of new and emerging technologies. While your business focuses upon its goals, Found will continuously navigate through the ever-changing world that is telecom—saving ample time and money in the process.

How does Found Communications help business clients?
We meet and discover what your company needs. What are your pain points? What is driving growth? What is hindering your business to grow? Found Communications is an authorized agent for over 160 providers. So we don’t pressure you to buy the special of the deal, we work with you to fit the right solutions for your business.

Found Communications will:
1) Provide your business with reliable and quality telecommunications options by recommending the most trusted and efficient solutions on the market.
2) Reduce your telecom expenditures by allowing your firm to take advantage of the latest offerings within the industry, such as VoIP.
3) Allow you to focus on your company, while Found addresses any new developments in the telecom industry that might pertain to your company.
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Found Communications  has customers locations in:
Ohio, Texas, Florida, Maryland, District of Columbia, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, California, Utah, North Carolina, Delaware, Virginia, Nevada and 12 Foreign Countries. But we can service your business or company no matter where you are in the United States or in the world.
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